Kakegurui, Hawaï – Un paradis scintillant

Kakegurui is one of the most beautiful and amazing beaches in the whole islands of Hawaii. It is located on the north shore of Oahu and is about a 20 minute drive from the hotels. It is very easy to reach and it has a lot of great things to do. Some of the activities that you can enjoy on this island include swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, jet skiing, and sailing. You will also be able to take part in the many activities that take place during the summer season.

Kakegurui, Hawaï - Un paradis scintillant
Kakegurui, Hawaï – Un paradis scintillant

It is important to visit this beach before you arrive on the island to prepare your body for the adventure that it will offer you. When you go Kakegurui, make sure to wear comfortable clothes because it is a sandy beach. Bring a swimsuit that is made for swimming, and do not forget the sunglasses and beach bags. The water temperature on this beach can get to high as 80 degrees. However, the waves are usually low and do not go over your head. The water can also be clear blue-green in the morning, but you might have to put a life vest on if the water gets too deep.

If you decide to go to Kakegurui in the morning, you will see that it is quite deserted because it is not typically a popular beach during the morning hours. Take the time to walk to the end of the beach where there is some shade. If you get tired of walking, it would be better if you rent a bike or go with someone else to help you get around. Do not go alone on the beach, because you might get lost. Make sure that you have plenty of sand and towels to refresh yourself.

One of the best parts about Kakegurui is the view of the island. You can see the sunset over the ocean. Because of the low tide, you can easily walk to the top of the island which is also a fantastic view. There are also several wonderful dive sites at Kakegurui. However, diving off the western side of the island may pose a problem for people who do not like to take a few dives in their lifetime. You can just go to the eastern side instead where there are no problems.

The best time to visit Kakegurui is in the winter months. The weather is cooler and the waves become calm. In addition, the island gets to experience the effects of its yearly typhoon season. This is the time when there is a lot of development taking place on the island, especially on the eastern part. In order to see all the development that is taking place on the island, it would be better if you visit in the months of January through March.

Kakegurui has been voted as the number one tourist destination on the island of Oahu by the World Traveler Magazine. It is a great island to visit with your family or friends. You will not regret coming here again.


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