Kakegurui - Điểm lại sách của Phần thứ hai

Kakegurui - Điểm lại sách của Phần thứ hai
Kakegurui - Điểm lại sách của Phần thứ hai

Kakegurui - Điểm lại sách của Phần thứ hai

Kakegurui, also known as The Dragon’s Fang was a well received anime series in the Square Enix Magazine’s Gangan Joker series. It was later adapted to a television show directed by Yuichiro Hayashi in 2021. It first aired in Japan late last year and the second season is already set to be broadcast on Netflix in early 2021. I will now present the basic plot of the Kakegurui anime.

A young man called Homura Gakuo has a talent in gambling. One day, he decides to try his luck at a “gambling resort” where three legendary cards are kept. There are two key cards that are guarded by five legendary guardians called Kinah and Katsu. Among them, Homura finds a card called “Reikka” which has the power to transform anyone within its range into a dragon. Having discovered this card, Homura decides to use it to take control of the legendary guardian’s powers. However, they soon discover that the card has only two charges, and that the user needs to recharge the device before use.

Kakegurui, or The Dragon’s Fang is written and illustrated by Tatsuya Hashimoto, who is best known for his manga series Skullknight. It is the first anime series to adapt the “Shinto” religion and legends from the Japanese culture. The story follows the life of Homura Gakuo who starts off as a gambler and ends up a legend. I believe this is one of his strongest works. The novel is colorful, imaginative, and always funny. I am looking forward to the third volume!

In my opinion, this is one of the best Japanese manga series that ever took the world by storm. The story is very colorful and will keep you turning the pages. Akira Kubota, the creator, does a great job depicting the everyday life of Homura, a transfer student from Japan who becomes a casino champion. Throughout volumes, we learn more about Homura, her childhood, her encounters with animals and other people from her world, and what makes her want to become a legend. Kubota has great style in laying out the events of each issue, and he captures the essence of what Japanese people are really like.

This Japanese manga series kept me hooked from the first issue until the second season where the plot started to slow down. I felt it was a bit too much for my taste, but the second season did a good job keeping me interested. The second season also added a few new characters such as Madero and Rin. As I said before, the story is full of colorful entertainment. Kubota is also a great novelist, so expect some high quality stories about animals and people in Japan.

This is only the start of the story, so I recommend you picking up this manga volume to continue the fun of learning and exploring the world of Homura. Like I mentioned above, this is not a good read for those looking for a very serious story of gambling or politics. For those who are looking for something interesting and lively, this is a great choice. This is a must read for those who love Japanese manga. Go out and get this book, you won’t be disappointed!


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