Khu vực xung quanh Đảo Kakegurui ở Hawaii


Khu vực xung quanh Đảo Kakegurui ở Hawaii

Kakegurui is a small village on the north coast of Fiji’s islands. This village sits at the base of a large waterfall and is surrounded by lush green landscape. The largest waterfall in the world can be found here and it’s quite breathtaking. Many visitors come here just to relax and enjoy the amazing scenery that surrounds them, but there is much more to this remote paradise than just a view from the balcony!

Kakegurui is known for its rich culture and tradition. It has been a place of worship for many native Fijian people for hundreds of years. You’ll see many native Fijian crafts throughout your travels here including jewelry, woodcarvings, paintings, and bead work. There are also several historic buildings such as the School of Wats and Stone Building. The Wats is where all the education in the village comes from.

You’ll find that most every district in Kakegurui is named for an important person or family. For example, the district called Watere is named after Wats, the chief of the tribe. The towns and villages themselves are named after things the natives have enjoyed for centuries. For example, Inkarikame is the name of the main village in the area and it means ‘Island of Pearls.’

Kakegurui is an ideal spot for snorkeling, diving, and kayaking. These activities are very popular and attract a wide variety of visitors. Some of the best marine life you’ll see in the area include clown fish, barracuda, manta rays, rooster fish, turtles, and sharks. In fact, sharks are one of the most common sights in this area and you can easily find local guides to help you explore and watch them close up.

There are plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing, and canoeing as well. If you’re interested in doing something adventurous, you can do a zip line adventure or rent a kayak for an eco-tour with your family. There are a number of guided tours available, where you go hiking or biking through different villages and see the natural surroundings up close. If you enjoy wildlife, you may want to consider taking a hike or two so you can get up close and personal with birds, bats, cats, dolphins, and other interesting exotic fauna.

If you want to shop, there are plenty of shopping malls here. They are the perfect place to replenish your souvenirs from your trip. Kakegurui Shopping Village is also located near the airport, so if you ever need any last minute supplies you’ll be just a few steps away. This is also a good place to pick up some last minute souvenirs for friends or family back home.


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