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Welcome to Kakegurui Merch – Official Kakkokari Store

Gambling School – Kakegurui is a manga by Homura Kawamoto for writing and Toru Naomura for drawing. The series has been converted to anime and also with spin-off mangas. The story takes location at the Hyakkao Academy where the richest college students study …

The hassle is that during this faculty is ruled for making a bet and plenty of students locate themselves in debt and set apart! To survive, you have to be an excellent bettor and people who do now not reach gambling their game will locate themselves carrying a collar, a badge and come to be the stooges of the strongest … Among the students, there may be the very quite Yumeko Jabami and she intends to sow discord within the faculty …

From the popular mange comes our Kakkokari Merch, we have for sale an exclusive catalog of anime items that you may buy to add on your collection: Hoodie, T-shirt, Figure, Poster,… and much more.

Why choose Kakkokari Merch?

Looking for a fun way to show your love with Kakkokarii? Here we come many more trendy fan merchandise for true fan. Well, needless to say, this anime is made in such a manner they can nourish your appetite.  A desire for trend is something that #1 compromise.

Do not hesitate to contact us any time before and after your purchase; we’re committed 100% customer satisfaction service. Buy with confidence!

An Official Kakkokari Merch Store – Our Collection

We update our catalog daily with the brand new items created by artisans associated with our store. Many of the goods are hand-made, so you will find so many merchandise with a very cheap price from medieval factories or factories of ancient undertaking, or one-of-a-kind and practical merchandise made through hand for those who want something greater expert. To find out more, check out: Hoodies, T-Shirt, Figures, Shoes…

Additionally, we can customise something you want to shop for, although it isn’t in our catalog at Design Your Own Merch catalog.

The Mission of Official Fan Merch Store!

If you’re looking for good and authentic, our Merch is definitely the best place to start! We offer a great selection of the best and up-to-the-minute this animation merchandise as well a large selection of apparels,shoes, accessories and figurines with affordable price and international shipping for Kakkokari’s fans to show off your love with this amazing anime!

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