A New Beginning for Kakegurui the Anime

Kakegurui is written and illustrated by Takuo Yamada who is best known for his comic book series “Killer Queen”. Currently the main story line in this fantastic series is turned to a two-part animated movie. The original manga series may have been written by Kawamoto, but the animated version of Kakegurui which aired on Fuji TV has seen many famous Japanese anime director Shinyokai Yuichiro researched and drawn into the story. The talented veteran artist has also had a long career that spans almost 25 years. Some of his best works include “Killer Queen” and “The Prince of Tennis”.

A New Beginning for Kakegurui the Anime
A New Beginning for Kakegurui the Anime

The story of Kakegurui revolves around a young woman named Rokka who lives a life of luxury with her father and younger sister, Asagi. She always dreams of becoming a professional card player like her father who has been an avid player for as long as she can remember. One day she meets an arrogant man called Gingka who teaches her the basics of playing a game called Kakegurui, which is a variation of the Chinese sport of Qi Gong which uses five elements to influence the outcome of the match.

However, despite her dedication to the sport, Rokka’s love of gaming eventually gets the better of her. When one night she finds herself in a casino surrounded by hundreds of players, she witnesses the murder of an unknown assailant. Thinking it was an accident, Rokka staggers out of the casino in a daze only to find that the man she had seen murdered had turned into a salami, or “goblet of power”. Thinking that she had killed her attacker herself, she is surprised to discover that she has been transformed into a salami and is now known as Kakegurui – a powerful and dangerous jagamii. With a mysterious stranger as a possible lover, she sets out on a crazy adventure to find out who this man is before she ends up joining the highest ranked player in the world, the legendary Genji – who also happens to be the son of the world’s most powerful jigama, Kuchiki Genchi – whom she has fallen in love with.

The novel starts out as Rokka struggling with personal problems. One night a mysterious man comes over to her house and tells her that he wants to help her win a big jackpot in an upcoming casino game, but she’s suspicious that he may be after something more than money. Another incident occurs where the entire family is suddenly transported to another dimension when a hole opens up and holographic images of people and places show up.

Soon Rokka finds herself traveling to the Land of Fire where she meets the most powerful jigsaw puzzle master in the Land of Darkness. This mysterious man tells her that the reason her spirit and body were transported to this strange land was because the world’s greatest jigsaw puzzle master was killed by a rival jigsaw puzzle master five hundred years ago. The Land of Fire is ruled by a mysterious being who looks like a very muscular, muscled male who stands at about six feet, wears a red robe, has red-colored hair, and has a massive, egg-shaped stomach. He tells Rokka that she has been chosen to be the next female homura, or “spirit” to enter the Land of Darkness and start a new life. If Rokka completes the task given to her by the formidable “Gouraki” – who looks exactly like an angry, red-eyed, very strong male – she will be able to open a door to another world, a world with unlimited potential.

Although it took eleven seasons for the television series to complete its run, the manga adaptation already made a lot of fans and viewers happy. The story is very exciting, funny, and a bit romantic as Rokka meets the new challenges and adventures of being a hour. Fans of both the manga and the television series are now looking forward for the second season, which is slated to air in 2021. And what fans can expect from the second season of Kakegurui compulsive gambler is more comedy, more romance, and more unique artwork. No doubt, Kakegurui will continue to be popular well into the future. And if anyone else has a look at the new art drawn for the second season of the anime, they will be blown away by the unique style of the drawing.


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