A Unique Take on the Casino Gambler Anime

A Unique Take on the Casino Gambler Anime
A Unique Take on the Casino Gambler Anime

A Unique Take on the Casino Gambler Anime

The land of Kakegurui, Hawaii is known for its exotic beaches and cultural tourism. Its famous hotels, restaurants, and resorts have earned it the title of one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. In fact, tourism has become big business in this paradise. Tourists from every part of the globe to visit this place to experience the Hawaiian culture and enjoy some of the best beaches on the island. Some of the best beaches in Kakegurui include Hanalei Bay, Kamoho Beach, and, Pearl Harbor, Maui’s Big Island, Oahu’s Big Island, Molokai, Kahalu’u and Na Pali.

In the town of Kakegurui, located on Hawaii’s Big Island, a young woman by the name of “Kakegurui” enrolls at Hyakkaou Private Academy. There, she is trained in yumegurui, which translates to gambling. Yumegurui is the art of playing traditional games such as Mahjong, Pingo, Blackjack, and other card games. These games are a great source of enjoyment for the millions of visitors to Hawaii who visit each year. In particular, many tourists from the United States and Canada come here to gamble. After completing her training in hyakkaou, Yumeko gets to participate in various gambling competitions held by the locals and foreign dignitaries as well.

Unfortunately, not all participants in the various competitions enjoy the game and leave Hawaii with a pleasant experience. One participant in particular is the fictional character “Kakegurui”, played by Canadian actress Jessica Alba. She arrives in Hawaii to compete in a beauty pageant but soon discovers that she is ineligible because she failed to finish her degree from the prestigious Hawaii Institute of Arts. Desperate to win, she accepts the offer of participating in the first ever championship of gambling in Hawaii. With the help of her sister, spirited haole Yumi, she manages to put together enough money to enter the competition. Although she comes out on top, she realizes that she still has work to do to become the next gambling woman millionaire.

This anime series is about a female student who starts out in high school with dreams of becoming a millionaire. While enrolled in a karate academy, she accidentally discovers a book about yamigurumi, a traditional Japanese art of gambling that involves arranging flowers, small animals, and coins into a pattern that represents money. Recognizing the inherent potential for profit, she decides to pursue her dream by entering the first ever nationwide competition. The first season of Kakegurui revolves around the theme of gambling while the second season portrays Yumi as a real live gambling woman. Due to the presence of other characters that complicate the plot, the third season attempts to address these issues by creating a more complex and compelling characters.

Kakegurui started out as a light-hearted comedy, but due to the presence of the other characters it has developed into something much more ambitious. In the third season, the story turns more serious due to Yumi and her friends’ struggle against financial greed. It is here where the show excels, weaving together its various strands of fiction into a concise overall plot. While the first two seasons attempted to develop a romance between the main characters, the third attempts to develop a romance between the characters and explore their reasons for engaging in gambling. The result is a more mature story that is funny at times, but never loses its fun.

Currently, there are twelve volumes of the manga, as well as a spin-off anime series featuring the same girl. The anime has also inspired a number of feature films and anime television specials. The most recent was an animated movie entitled Koi Kid: Bon Voyage to the West. Terano is also working on a live-action adaptation of Miloslava’s novel Golden Days. While there isn’t much information regarding the movie at this time, I would imagine that it will be similar to the aforementioned manga.


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