Présentez le merchandising officiel My hero academia

BNHA Merch is the official My Hero Academia merchandise for MHA anime fans. We are #1 My Hero Academia Apparel & Collectibles.

Bienvenue à My Hero Academia Merch – Official BNHA Store

We are a team of My Hero Academia lovers. Our prime goal is to create a shop that selling My Hero Academia inspired stuff and this anime’s character inspired goods. In our store, you can easily find the items to meet your need. We hope you’ll like it as much as we do and have a great shopping experience here.

If you have any problems, questions, or concerns, don’t hesitate to ask us. Our team is available to help.
Thank you for visiting.

Latest Updates

0001- JANUARY 2021 — We are now open for pre-orders for the following products: WAVE POKéMON ALTERNATE CURTAIN WALL PRINTS (Officially Announced) / WAVE POKéMON ALTERNATE RING PRINTS (Officially Announced) / WAVE POKéMON ALTERNATE TRICKLE PRINTS (Officially Announced) / WAVE POKéMON COASTAL SHORE WALL PRINTS (Officially Announced) / WAVE POKéMON ELF PRINTS (Officially Announced)Products will be shipping by February, after that, we’ll ship as soon as they are available.
0004– JUNE 01, 2021 — We are proud to announce that we will start shipping the following products by the end of June, after we successfully complete all production and testing phase. The date will be announced later this month.

Présentez le merchandising officiel My hero academia
Présentez le merchandising officiel My hero academia

After visiting one of our store, you’ll always be thinking about the next device of your love.
Don’t forget that if you are a fan of My Hero Academia, you can be a part of our fan club, Moz fan club, or buy the merch separately, to your own idea. Let’s create a non-stop fan sesh!
Your friendly local staff and customers love this company
Hi everyone! I’m transparently a My Hero Academia fan and designer.
I want to share with you that I worked a lot on the design theme of My Hero Academia merch, and it’s finally ready.
Visitors can easily see that the design is very unique and amazing. I wouldn’t call it true classic My Hero Academia merchandise, but just for you it’s My Hero Academia trading goods.
We are looking for people design merchandise design.​
We don’t have material for express retail, just general trade stores, kiosks or malls. It’s the first time I’m presenting merchandise design to the public. But don’t worry. We’ve already started a small business designing the clothing set.
We also have to say thank you to all of our customers, especially for the warm greetings and asking us to please design merchandise for all the fans.
A message from our CEO, Somesh, to all US and international fans. Thank you for those messages that made me learn about the fans of My Hero Academia.
How My Hero Academia Merch got started
The company started after I noticed that there was no merchandise related to My Hero Academia at all, and after I found the My Hero Academia wikipedia page at Digpedia, I discovered that there was no official merchandise to buy.
I tried to make some phone calls about the merchandise but nobody could assist me. I then decided to contact retailers from the steps from the Official Website of My Hero Academia Merch, where I found only the My Hero Academia trading goods’ price range page.
Then I decided to use the information from the desk of those who answered the phone and didn’t have any merchandise to sell, and to contact them directly. After my mail address was confirmed, then I sent our mail to all of retailers, I could see the following result from my mail:
A simple message to the store was sent, and no response.
I called the retail office and they said that they could make merchandise, but the price couldn’t since it’s an Official Website merchandise.
I want to make it Public, so they modify the designer’s price.


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