Kakegurui Marchandise

Kakegurui Marchandise
Kakegurui Marchandise

Kakegurui Marchandise

The Kakegurui Festival is a native cultural celebration of the village of Kakegurui in the county of Niwennor, New Zealand. This year marked the twenty-fifth annual celebration and featured local talent in the form of performing arts, food and games. From early spring to late summer the spirit of the event will be in full swing with events happening around the community and on the islands of Hauraki and New Zealand’s North Island.

The festival is centred on the village of Kakegurui, situated on the north shores of Hauraki Gulf in the Bay of Plenty region. The Kakegurui International Village was built around this natural beauty with a selection of shops selling local artwork, food and craft products as well as a wide range of entertainment opportunities. The Kakegurui t-shirt designs were mainly based on the characters of the traditional Maori language and depict the culture and heritage of the area. The five main characters of the t-shirt design are ‘Ora’ (meaning rain), ‘Arai’ (which means joy), ‘Ereikai’ (which means dreams) and ‘Iruka’ (which means courage). It is a true depiction of the way in which the Maori people view life and has been used by the locals for many years to ward off evil spirits and celebrate life.

This t-shirt design has now moved into the world of fashion and is currently available for sale online at a discount price. Local artists have also been contracted to create limited edition hand-made Kakegurui t-shirts with the same characters and designs for the people of the community to enjoy at the festival. These garments are available to buy in all shops and online at discounted prices making them a great opportunity for everyone to enjoy. As with all art forms the Kakegurui t-shirts have been printed with raw pigment and will therefore last a much longer time than other modern designs on the market. The artistry and the technique that go into the t-shirt making process makes it highly desirable for an art enthusiast.

For the non-profit organisation, Kakegurui t-shirts are a great way of promoting their cause and raising funds at the same time. The fundraising idea of the t-shirts is simple; they are sold as a single piece for a set price and the people that order enough of these garments will then purchase the needed necessities to go on a special project that benefits the beneficiary. The t-shirts are made to look authentic and the proceeds of the sales go to benefit the cause. There are no hidden costs as the artisans make sure that the people who buy the product are getting a great value for money, there is no extra charge for marketing the product or advertising as the price of the t-shirt is well below the normal market price.

Many businesses, organisations and schools will benefit from having Kakegurui t-shirts available. The customised t-shirts are also very popular with people of all ages. Being available in a range of sizes and styles, there is always a size that will suit the needs of an individual or group. The business or the school that is selling the item will have a good sales figure and more people will be aware of their cause if they were to advertise with this kind of product.

Kakegurui Merchandise is available to buy online and can also be ordered in bulk and sold via mail order catalogues. If a person has any questions about the t-shirt or general enquiries they can also contact the company and a representative will get in touch with them to find out what they require. Kakegurui Merchandise is not only for fashion but is also a great promotional tool for causes that help to support the underprivileged in our communities.


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