Interesting Facts About Kakegurui and Jitsu

If you are looking for a new and innovative way of learning how to play a game of golf, then the answer might be Kakegurui Golf. This innovative and totally new approach to playing golf has been recently introduced all across Japan. The main character of the story in Kakegurui, is set inside the exclusive Hyakkaou Private Academy, that houses the wealthiest students in all of Japan. Instead of going straight for an entire traditional club-style grading system, the school instead opted for an elaborate anime style basing placements on an elaborate gambling system. This is what sets the story of Kakegurui apart from other forms of golf instruction. Here, students are given the opportunity to participate in a fantasy golf course and become part of it through the help of their chosen instructors.

Interesting Facts About Kakegurui and Jitsu
Interesting Facts About Kakegurui and Jitsu

What started out as a humble initiative by two gentlemen, who are friends with one another, has since blossomed into a fully fledged and successful organization. One of the two men, who initiated the idea, was Takuo Yamabuki, a dealer at the Hyakkaou Private Academy. Mr. Yamabuki saw that many of his students were becoming discouraged while participating in the traditional method of graded golf and decided to launch a new and innovative system that would give the students something new to look forward to. He and his friend decided to launch a new course that would be a combination of the finest aspects of traditional golf and an anime style format.

To create this new and innovative course, Kakegurui Private Academy had to employ a great deal of effort and dedication by both instructors and its student council. The instructors were initially Mr. Hashimoto, a well-known Japanese businessman, and Mr. Itsuki, who are also a dealer. The two decided that they would employ a great number of students who were either already skilled golfers or simply aspiring to join the club. This would increase the club’s chances of attracting more clients to its various gambling venues. Mr. Hashimoto and Mr. Itsuki also realized that the club needed a professional handicapper, so that the club would have a better chance of improving its results during competitions.

Masamitsu Ichijo was hired as the club’s female player, while Takuo Yamabuki was hired as the male player. In order to attract more female players to join the club, the two had female members join and compete against each other in a friendly game that the entire staff planned to have for its annual Christmas bash. This was when the idea for Kakegurui was born. Since the game was based on the real life Japanese game of jabara, which translates to “three cards,” it was hoped that the new girls and male players wouldn’t be intimidated by the stiff competition.

Kakegurui became a hit with both male and female players, because of the unique way in which the figures were played and because it included several themes from real life Japanese games. When it first began, only a few hundred players joined the worldwide website, but as word of mouth and media exposure grew, more people became interested in playing this interesting and innovative game. The game became even more popular when two female gamers, Ayanegasaki Yuusuke and Rihoko Aiko, decided to turn into the popular anime characters, Kakegurui and Jitsu respectively. These ladies formed the popular anime duo, Kakegurui and Jitsu, and their adventures in their web games has captured the imaginations of many. Kakegurui and Jitsu are known worldwide to be among the best online dating simulation games.

Over the years, Kakegurui has branched out into several other formats, including an English version and has been remade for gaming consoles. It is not a surprise that the online version has become popular among gamers. The anime game is fun and addictive. Players are quickly addicted and want to continue playing. This type of addictive game will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good game of online bingo or gambling.


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