Kakegurui – A Live-Action Adaptation of the Japanese Comic Book

Kakegurui - A Live-Action Adaptation of the Japanese Comic Book
Kakegurui – A Live-Action Adaptation of the Japanese Comic Book

Kakegurui – A Live-Action Adaptation of the Japanese Comic Book

Kakegurui (also known as Ace Attorney) is a Japanese anime series written and illustrated by Homura Kawamori and published by Square Enix. It began serialization in Square Enix’s Gangan Joker magazine in March 2021, having its second volume subsequently collected as a tankōbon volume a year later. The story follows the daily lives of an attorney called Kakegurui, who works with theistically-motivated first-year college students in Japan’s second major city, Tokyo. He is also a member of a sports club, where he meets the anime’s main character, Yoruichi Shihoin. The anime series has a lot of humor, slice of life sequences, and interesting characters.

The story portrays Kakegurui’s struggle to control his urges to gamble, while working with the colorful and spirited Mary Suzaku. Both are depicted as two different “personality types” in distinct shades of blue. Shihoin often acts as a counselor or adviser to Kakegurui, giving him advice on how to deal with his gambling urges. Kakegurui also has a crush on several of the school’s female characters, such as the childhood friend Sayaka Minori and the older sister Mio Harada.

Due to the nature of Jump spinoff anime series, most of which are based on a manga version of events, it can be difficult to tell which is which in terms of story and timeline. The live-action TV show, however, is more consistent regarding continuity and often covers the same events from the start of the anime, right up to the end. There have been rumors that a sequel to Kakegurui is in the works, which would indicate that the publisher is gearing up for a second season of the anime. If so, then the next few months will provide some insight into what we can expect from this spinoff series.

Crunchyroll and Funimation both released their own versions of the anime adaptation of Kakegurui, which can be streamed online. The release has not been given a rating yet by either company, but Crunchyroll rates it a “sitcom.” Expectations for this new adaptation are high since the studio behind the live-action film is planning a full-length third season, which is standard for Japan’s television industry.

Crunchyroll also streamed the original Japanese version of Kakegurui last year, which is called Kochikai. The streaming company also announced a third season of Kochikai to be released later this year. This is also set to be an anime adaptation, though it is unclear if the studio will be doing any home entertainment releases. If they do, then we could see a similar format to Kakegurui, streaming only the relevant episodes.

Crunchyroll has had good experiences with their anime library including No Matter How You Try and Black Butler, and they look forward to more exciting anime announcements. If you live outside of Japan, Crunchyroll offers episodes of Jormungand, Lucky Starz, Gintama, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and Samurai Girl and Naruto Shippudden – Princess of Anime. For those living in the land of Japan, the streaming company offers episodes of Gintama, Lucky Starz, and Kochikai as well as several movies that you might not find on Crunchyroll.


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