Kakegurui Merchandise

Kakegurui Merchandise
Kakegurui Merchandise

Kakegurui Merchandise

This week, we have been looking at the new and upcoming Kakegurui Festival in Thailand. With the festival ending in mid-August it is time to look at some of the items that people will be able to buy and take home for their family and friends. In this article, we look at some of the top five products for sale at the Kakegurui Merchandise booth during the main festival weekends and we give you a run down of some of the other items on offer.

The Kakegurui t-shirts are among the most popular items on sale. A t-shirt can make a great gift for a man or woman and the top Kakegurui t-shirts have become an increasingly popular gift choice for both sexes. There are two main designs that are currently available, one being the classic round neck t-shirt that comes in a variety of different colours. The other is the contemporary multicoloured ones, with some of the colours being exclusive to certain stores. Available both in black and white, the black ones have become a favorite amongst males and females.

The Kakegurui art t-shirts come in a range of different styles. The ones with the round neck have become increasingly popular but there are also ones available in other styles. For example, one of the latest designs has the image of a cartoon character printed on the front and there are also other designs that incorporate aspects of nature, animals and even geology. As you would expect, the designs that are available are becoming more creative and some are even incorporating famous Thai quotes and expressions such as” sarung dieng” which mean “going fishing” and” print sanit” which mean “a little less talk”.

The other item that is on offer at the Kakegurui merchandising booth this week is the top selling item of all time. It is the plain white silk flower t-shirt with an image of a leprechaun on the front. The silk flowers are of extremely high quality and they are also available in a variety of different shades of green. This particular item is being sold with absolutely no minimum order and can be purchased in its plain white finish or in a pastel coloured one. There is also an option for those who prefer to add additional artwork to their shirts.

The best thing about selling Kakegurui shirts at an event like the Bangkok Fashion Week is that they are a very low cost item. Typically the price of the shirts is between five and ten dollars but they are being sold for as little as two dollars at some of the onsite merchants. The reason for the low price is to make the profit margin that much greater. Some of the other items that are also being sold at these events include wristbands, masks, purses, wallets and even bamboo jewellery.

Kakegurui is a new and innovative brand of floral t-shirts that combines the very best of old fashion design with cutting edge design. The flower and the shirt are very popular worldwide but this unique blend has taken Thailand by storm. You will notice that this design is not the same type of t-shirt sold by many companies. This is because their bright and vibrant colours are far different from most t-shirts that are currently available. Kakegurui is becoming a very popular brand with both western and Asian consumers alike and they have a lot of anticipation for their spring season which starts in April 2021.


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