Kakegurui – The Perfect Anime For Those Who Love Crime Mystery and Gambling Anime Reviews

Kakegurui was a well received anime series in the Square Enix magazine Gangan Joker as early as 2021. It has then been adapted to a live-action television series, directed by Yuichiro Hayashi of the Wreck-It Ralph movie franchise. It first aired in Japan in late 2021 and its English language first season will be broadcasted on Netflix in late 2021. I’ll take a look at what happened after the series finished and how it compared to the Japanese story.

Kakegurui - The Perfect Anime For Those Who Love Crime Mystery and Gambling Anime Reviews
Kakegurui – The Perfect Anime For Those Who Love Crime Mystery and Gambling Anime Reviews

The story of Kakegurui begins when two children find themselves swallowed by a whale, along with their friend Ryota. The children manage to resurface and reunite with Ryota only to discover that there are other whale guardians near where they met. The children manage to get away from the guards, and while trying to escape, one of them slips into a whale tank and meets the beautiful Janai. When the whale guardians notice the kids, they force them to join them inside the tank, where they learn that they are to become the new residents of a new house, the Kakegurui.

Kakegurui tells the story of the beautiful yet greedy new resident, Janai, who is obsessed with winning the lottery so that she can buy a big house. In order to do so, she turns to the use of illegal gambling techniques, such as gambling through her ‘lucky’ coin drops. While she seems like a good person, she actually has a set of horns that allows her to predict a number by looking at a pattern on a coin. Because of this, she is hired by an organization called the Gambling Guild to help monitor and regulate the different gambling houses in town. But along with her job, she gets herself mixed up with other supernatural beings, including a boy named Naruto, who wants to help her solve her crime, and even enroll her in a special class for supernatural detectives called the Kakegurui Detective Agency.

One interesting part of the story includes the character of Kakegurui’s supervisor, who happens to be the most powerful and vicious gambler in the city. His name is Gaoga. Gaoga intimidates the other councilors from associating with him, so they never end up meeting. Another interesting character is the red haired girl, Hyashi, who is the karaoke girl at the Gambling Guild. While most of the characters seem like they are too unreal to really be taken seriously, they actually do take the entire storyline quite seriously, especially Gaoga.

The animation style of the Kakegurui anime is quite unique compared to other anime that have been produced in recent years. Most anime fans will probably remember the rather poor quality of the animations produced during the 90s. While it is still not as good as it was when it first started, the animation quality of the new anime is pretty good. Some people might not like the style of the animation, but they should look past that because this anime is simply trying to tell a story. One thing that most people probably did not realize about Kakegurui is that it is written in a completely original style, which is one of the things that makes it stand out from the other similar anime series.

It should also be noted that this anime has a lot more story development than most other gambling anime that have been produced recently. In fact, it is one of the few anime series that has more than one main character who is trying to solve the mystery of the city. There are a few other minor characters, but the main characters of Kakegurui twins is what captures the majority of the audience. The best thing that you can do if you want to see some great animation including a plot twist that you have not seen in an anime series before is to go watch this one.


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