Kakegurui – Tropical Paradise in Kenya

Kakegurui is an island located in the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world. It attracts large numbers of tourists all throughout the year because of its beautiful beaches, tranquil backwaters and rich fauna and flora. There are about 400 bird species to be found on the island and there are some rare varieties as well. These include giant herons, egrets, pelicans, water birds, maracas, capibaras and many more.

Kakegurui - Tropical Paradise in Kenya
Kakegurui – Tropical Paradise in Kenya

Kakegurui is home to about 40% of the population of South America’s largest islands. It is also one of the top tourist destinations for India. A large part of the island is covered with dense tropical rainforest. This is because of the limestone cliffs which form the hilly areas. Water comes into the island from nearby rivers and it provides the people with fresh water, fruits and vegetables. The coast of the island is very long and there are several long stretches of beaches that surround it.

The sea on Kakegurui is clear and the temperature is cool all round the year. You can spend your summer on the beaches while the winters are kept warm by the rainfall. The food on the island has been preserved since the time it was first discovered and the local culture is excellent. There are many restaurants around the island where you can eat your lunch or dinner without any difficulties.

Kakegurui has the only National park around it. It is called Vera Cruz Park and has about a million acres of land around it. This area is completely dependent on tourism and hence has about two hundred and forty full-time hotel establishments. As far as night life is concerned, there is not much as there are no casinos around. There are many good restaurants where you can have a quiet dinner or have fun dancing around the fire on New Year’s Eve.

Kakegurui is also home to some great temples and historical places of interest. The Hualalu temple is made out of a mud-brick structure and is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The Watu Wharf makes a perfect day trip from the tourist office.

Getting around Kakegurui is never a problem at all. The roads are well sign posted and the buses that run between the places are always full. Taxis in Kakegurui are expensive and you should ideally use them if you are visiting from out of town. There are three transport stations on the island and they are all well placed and quite safe. The resorts and hotels are generally around the central part of the island and hence you will not face any problem getting around.


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