Review of the Second Season of Kakegurui

Review of the Second Season of Kakegurui
Review of the Second Season of Kakegurui

Review of the Second Season of Kakegurui

Kakegurui (lit: “Starbucks”) is a Japanese anime series based on the well-known coffee shop franchise from San Francisco. The series is part of the Square Enix Collective, along with other Japanese anime series such as Bleach and Lucky Star. In Japan, the franchise has been running for twelve volumes. It was later moved to H anime magazine.

This series is part of the Bleach franchise and follows the life of Asuna, a rookie Shihoin officer who was summoned by the Japan Agency to become its first ever ace detective. Kakegurui gameplay revolves around a murder mystery that takes place in the same town Asuna lives in. The story begins with Asuna finding a dead body on the street. Later in the game, she is given the case file by detective Kuchiki Byakuya. He states that there is a reward for anyone who can solve the case within the time allowed, which he himself had failed on.

Kakegurui, as it is known to the public, is an anime television series that was originally aired on Fuji TV network’s late night program called “Zowai”. The show’s main premise is based around the life of Asuna, who happens to be a Japanese coffee shop clerk. The story revolves around Asuna and her journey to becoming the next great detective.

One of the first spin-off anime series to come out from the original Kakegurui series is the second season of Kakegurui. It, like the first season, focused on the life of Asuna, who was a rookie Shihoin detective before being assigned to a special task force where she is partnered with yumeko jabami. This relationship between the two characters helped to bring life to what would become one of the most interesting detectives of the anime series.

If you are wondering why the second season of Kakegurui is superior to the first, let me explain. In the first season, it seemed like the writers were trying to create a protagonist that had only been seen in live action previously. Unfortunately, Asuna’s story was too generic for what the show had to offer. The second season of Kakegurui takes a more serious look at the police force, as well as law enforcement officers in general, making the show memorable for its realistic portrayal. This added depth to the show made it stand out amongst the rest of its competitors and became a fan favorite.

The second season of Kakegurui had great chemistry between cast members, particularly yumeko jabara and Asuna. With Asuna’s leadership skills reestablished and her bonds with the other squad members strengthened, the second season of Kakegurui lived up to its name. The writers managed to give Kakegurui an all around likable character, drawing in viewers by consistently maintaining their trust with the girl detective. If you are a fan of mystery or live in a household with kids, then Kakegurui is definitely worth checking out.


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