The erupting active volcano and surrounding island

Kakegurui is situated on a dormant active volcano. It lies in the central province of Niu New Guinea and has a history of volcanic activity going back over two thousand years. Many eruptions have occurred in this area but none was destructive enough to cause any significant damage or loss of life. Kakegurui was one such eruption which killed around half the island’s inhabitants when the volcano erupted.

The erupting active volcano and surrounding island
The erupting active volcano and surrounding island

There are a number of different aspects of Kakegurui that you will want to experience. The first thing to do is to visit the sulfur volcano that dominates the island. It is also known as Kakegurui. The most popular way to visit the sulfur is to take the train which is a long ride but worthwhile. Alternatively, there is an active volcano tramway that can take you to the summit. There are also several nice walking tracks around the base of the volcano.

You will also want to make the most of the geyser basin. This area has twenty small sulfur volcanoes. These volcanoes open up gradually revealing pools of water and mud. At the end of the basin there are a black sandy beach and green vegetation growing. It is easy to view the sea beyond.

As you might guess, the vegetation around Kakegurui is quite unique. Some varieties of tropical grass grow here, although the main crop remains tomatoes. The bananas, mango and other fruits of choice are found throughout the island. Hiking is one of the activities to get involved in here although it does depend on the season and the weather.

When visiting Kakegurui you should not approach the volcano in the traditional manner. You will be asked to remove your shoes at each site and walk around with your hands on your hips. You also cannot walk through the crater itself, as it is too dangerous. Instead, you will need to use a chairlift to access the summit.

Kakegurui is best enjoyed by hiking from morning to afternoon. Wear comfortable clothes such as shorts and shirts. Bring plenty of food and drink with you and take your own equipment. If you prefer to camp, then Camp Kakegurui International Camping and Travel Park is the place for you. This campground offers tent accommodation, BBQ’s, boat hire, games, swimming pool and facilities for swimming and exercise. Take your own vehicle or hire one from the park office.


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