What is Kakegurui? An Anime Television Series?

Kakegurui is widely considered as one of the most entertaining anime of this year and it is no surprise to anyone that! What else do you want to know about it, though? I will give you all of the information about this wonderful anime here!

What is Kakegurui? An Anime Television Series?
What is Kakegurui? An Anime Television Series?

The story of Kakegurui begins in the rural town of Ikebukuro. You see, there is a nearby city called Ikebukuro. It is populated with many “gae” eateries and “kakegurui” stands where people sell delicious, succulent, and tasty seafood, clam chowder, and other seafood delicacies! You may be wondering why this is important to note, but it actually is!

This was in the past, however, Ikebukuro now stands firmly on the side of good against bad. There are many shady go-go gambling places that sit just a little down the road from Ikebukuro. The police, fearing for the public’s safety, have deemed them too dangerous to enter. The only solution they could think of was to close them all down – at least for the time being. This is where Kakegurui shows up!

This short anime series was recently streamed on YouTube and has since gone viral. Many fans have expressed interest in trying out the “new” anime series, but others said that they had never even heard of kakegurui or the name of the anime character before. This may be due to the fact that this is still a television series and not a manga. With most manga publishers not putting out new chapters often, this is the only form of media that most fans have of hearing about new anime shows and manga.

If you are interested in reading about the new anime series, then you can do so online. If you are not so interested in it and only want to know what the new movie is about, then you can always just search the internet for the trailers and news of the movie. Both sources will give you the same information – and probably more! I will also say that if you want to check out the new comic book that Kakegurui has been selling online, then you can simply look for the link below!

In closing, Kakegurui may very well be the start of a brand new revolution in anime and manga series. This new breed of “sushi bar” will combine the best elements of otaku culture and western sensibilities to create something new and interesting in the eyes of the public. We will have to wait and see how this all pans out, but it is looking very good so far. You can read the first episode online now for free, and I recommend that you check it out before purchasing the book because it is very easy to put down and read. If you have never heard of Kakegurui, you should definitely do so and give it a try. You will not be disappointed.


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