What is Kakegurui? – Anime Adaptation of an English Newspaper Comic

What is Kakegurui? - Anime Adaptation of an English Newspaper Comic
What is Kakegurui? – Anime Adaptation of an English Newspaper Comic

What is Kakegurui? – Anime Adaptation of an English Newspaper Comic

One of the most well known and most loved manga series in the world is Kakegurui. The original manga ran for 14 volumes in Japanese, later to be expanded into an eight volume anime series. The story was set in ancient Japan during the time of the samurai era. Many of the same locations were adapted as places that are part of Kakegurui. The original manga may have also been written by Kawamoto too, but the adaptation of the anime series by Yasuko Kobayashi added a fresh new voice to the script.

The author had worked previously for an animated film, but it was not long before she decided to use her experience and pen the successful manga series. The veteran Japanese writer has also had a long career that spans almost 25 years. Her most recent works have been successful in the adult market, but she has been writing children’s books as well, which have proven to be quite lucrative. This lead to the adapting of the Kakegurui anime series into the English language.

Kakegurui was originally released in Japan in the late seventies and was a hit, proving to be so popular that the author wrote more stories for the franchise. She began the second season with an issue #11, continuing with issues #12 up until issue #14. She has also written a number of one-shots which have featured characters from the first season. These one-shots have been consistently sold through various online retailers.

The current arc of Kakegurui features several key members of the original staff. Takao Aoki returns from issue #11, takes center stage with artist Takashi Mukimoto. Mukimoto is also credited with the original concept and drawing work on the series. The main course of action takes place in the same city as the first anime series, where the main character’s struggle to beat compulsive gamblers takes place.

While there is no concrete proof that female characters in Japanese manga are favored in the same way that western authors are, the fact remains that the main female protagonist in Kakegurui compulsive gambler is female. Masane Amaha from the latest issue was given her debut in the series. There is also a number of secondary female characters such as the owner of a gambling ring, a police officer, a businesswoman, and a couple of other ones.

If you are looking for your favorite characters from the Japanese animation and manga series “Kakegurui”, you can look up their names, air dates, and sales copies online. You will also find some great places where you can buy the newest issues. Some sites even allow you to purchase the manga before they hit stores so you don’t have to wait for the official release date. manga fans never miss an issue that comes out! Check out the latest and greatest in Japanese gambling!


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