Bleach – Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler Review

When the first season of Aku no Go aired on Fuji TV in Japan, I had never seen anything like Kakegurui. My expectations were very high for the series, which revolves around a young boy who moves into a new town where he lives with his adopted mother. He is told that he is free to pursue any kind of “formal” school activity as long as it doesn’t involve his classmates. The problem is that everybody else in town is in the same arts-and-crafts college.

Bleach - Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler Review
Bleach – Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler Review

Masane Amaha is the show’s protagonist. She is so different from her classmates in that she wants to join a sports club despite being told that she doesn’t have one. That sets her apart from the other second season characters. Yumeko Jajime, who played the role of the evil first season’s villain, gets to return as the second season’s villain, Black Thunder, but he has been changed into a much more appealing figure thanks to some great acting.

In the second season, the anime has gotten even better. Many new comers have tried watching this animation series, and many old fans have picked up where they left off. One of the most popular topics of conversation among Aku no Go fans has been the possibility of a second season of Kakegurui.

The producers of Aku no Go is looking into making a third season of Aku no Go, but that may be a few years off. Right now, the focus is on the story of Masane, who slowly begins to learn how to become a “Goddess”. She works hard to overcome obstacles and stands firm in her resolve to become a true “Goddess”. This is where the story of Yomi comes into play.

It turns out that the “Goddess” that Masane was looking for was a childhood friend of hers who she met while she was still a child. The childhood friend was in fact a member of a sports gambling club. While she tended to stay out of the limelight, she was extremely good at her games of chance and became known as a blackjack expert. This is where the story of Kakegurui and the game of chance begins.

For some fans, the idea of a manga series is just not possible. This is understandable because most people are only familiar with the first two seasons of the anime series. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of people who would like to see this manga series made into a television series. If you are among this crowd, you should keep your options open. You may be able to find a place online that has translated the original Japanese manga into English and would be willing to publish it for the public.


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