What to Do at Kakegurui Beach on Your Oahu Hawaiian Vacation

What to Do at Kakegurui Beach on Your Oahu Hawaiian Vacation
What to Do at Kakegurui Beach on Your Oahu Hawaiian Vacation

What to Do at Kakegurui Beach on Your Oahu Hawaiian Vacation

Kakegurui is the second week in a four part series on Maui tours and activities. It takes a look at some of the culture and history behind Maui, Hawaii’s biggest island. I’m talking about the native Hawaiian culture. What fascinating people and their culture? I hope to include more of that in future articles. Today we will look at two of their important places: Kakegurui and Hanalei bay.

The two places are located on the South Island of Hawaii. You can access them by taking the ferry from Makaha, the largest city on the island (if you have never taken a trip there, do yourself a favor and do so.) Once you get to the South Island, there is no where else you can go but to Hawaii. On your way, you will pass through two places: Hanalei Bay and Kakegurui. Both of these places are important historical sites. So, some of what you see in these two places is what you will see when you visit Hawaii.

At Hanalei Bay, which is the largest harbor in all of Hawaii, you will find two places. One is the Hanalei Coast, which is a commercial harbor area, and the other is Hanalei Waterfront Park. The harbor has a restaurant called Kaileigh, and there is a museum there too. It was here that Helen Field took her first boat ride as a young woman in 1820. This is where she met King Kamehameha II and went on to become his wife.

Kakegurui is just south of Hanalei Bay. It is where the big waves come in to shore and where surfers practice their moves. It also has historical significance to the native Hawaiians and others who have made an effort to visit. For example, this bay is where Na Pali was buried after her death.

If you do not care for the water, then you might also want to try the beaches at Hanalei and Kakegurui. The beaches at the two places offer a beautiful scene with the hula skirts and surfing that are offered. They are much calmer than the other but still offer a beautiful view. The best time to visit these two beaches is from late May through early September, as they get most of the sun.

On your trip to Hawaii, you will likely want to take part in one or two sightseeing tours. You can find them all over Hawaii and they offer wonderful opportunities to view the scenery. Two of the most popular tours are the Kilauea Restoration Project and the Pearl Harbor Cruises. While the Kilauea Restoration Project features the historic landmark of the giant Kilauea tree, the Pearl Harbor Cruises will take you to all the important battles of the Second World War. There are also Hawaiian cultural tours that can be taken.


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